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True Stories on the adverse effects of marijuana use

there are many stories about the adverse effects of marijuana use on peoples’ lives.

Whether you agree with marijuana legalization or not, it’s important to understand the economic and social costs of legalizing another mind-altering drug. While much has been written about the tax revenue and total sales generated from commercial marijuana, there has been little research to understand how states are paying to mitigate the consequences of commercial marijuana on crime, social justice, safety, law enforcement, public health, education, and youth.

These are a collection of the stories not yet captured in the ever increasing body of research about the social costs of marijuana legalization.

Drugged Driving

Despite medical card, Springfield man charged with DWI for marijuana use in fatal crash
Springfield News Leader

Bus diver passes out, says he didn’t know gummies snacks loaded with pot
Boston Herald

Woman had used marijuana and was impaired at time of 4-vehicle crash that left 2 dead, authorities say​

Crash sends Tesla batteries flying into homes, sparking a house fire, Oregon cops say
The Olympian

Man accused of vehicular homicide on U.S. 101 thought victim was driving the wrong way
The Olympian


Death or Injury

Medical marijuana use may lead to addiction, not aid health, Harvard study finds

5 Things to Know about Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol – Delta-8 THC

Evesham man fatally stabbed during dispute over marijuana
Cherry Hill Courier-Post

Cannabis Use Could Cause Harmful, Toxic Drug Interactions With Prescription Medications

‘Potential emerging health threat’: Officials warn of fentanyl-laced marijuana possibly in Michigan

Child Endangerment or Involvement

Volusia mom arrested after 1-year-old hospitalized for marijuana exposure

New London mother told police she was ‘so excited’ to have fatally strangled her 4-year-old son, court records show
Hartford Courant

Man accused of giving marijuana and nicotine vapes to children arrested

Ezra Miller accused of housing children on a farm with guns and marijuana
The Gaurdian

Kids welcome at ‘420’ pot fest? Seriously?
The Gazette

Crime & Black Market Activity

Illegal hash oil lab causes garage explosion in Santa Rosa

DEA Marijuana Busts Increased In 2021, Seizing Over 5.5 Million Plants
Marijuana Moment

2 men arrested after police seize over 220 pounds of marijuana from package delivered to Norfolk supermarket

Las Vegas home converted into massive marijuana growth operation catches fire

270+ pounds of pot, cash seized from Salem-Keizer homes


Ryan’s Story

Jordan’s Story

On the Road to Recovery with Ben Cort

Stormzy quits smoking marijuana as he opens up on mental health struggles

After Legalization, Marijuana Addiction Is on the Rise

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