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True Stories on the adverse effects of marijuana use

there are many stories about the adverse effects of marijuana use on peoples’ lives.

Whether you agree with marijuana legalization or not, it’s important to understand the economic and social costs of legalizing another mind-altering drug. While much has been written about the tax revenue and total sales generated from commercial marijuana, there has been little research to understand how states are paying to mitigate the consequences of commercial marijuana on crime, social justice, safety, law enforcement, public health, education, and youth.

These are a collection of the stories not yet captured in the ever increasing body of research about the social costs of marijuana legalization.

Drugged Driving

2 women, unborn baby killed in head-on car crash, troopers say
11 News

Autopsy finds teen killed in Las Vegas mini-bike accident had 10 times the legal limit of THC

Man Charged In Fatal Hit-&-Run Of Skateboarder Pleaded Fifth Before Grand Jury, Court Papers Say

Truck driver involved in Ocala bus crash that killed 8 arrested on DUI manslaughter charges

‘No More Victims’: Mom Of Boy, Killed In LI Crash Speaks After Plea



Death or Injury

Grandson Hayden Leigh Kidd admits killing his nan Shirley Kidd while in grip of drug-induced psychosis where he believed she was his abusive stepfather
Daily Mail

Man sentenced to 5 years for stabbing and beheading father
CTV News

5 suspects arrested in California desert killings in dispute over marijuana, sheriff’s officials say

Girlfriend who stabbed boyfriend 108 times in marijuana-induced episode smoked strain with more than 30% THC
NY Post

Ventura County woman killed man during weed-induced psychosis

Child Endangerment or Involvement

Florida dad arrested after toddler overdoses on marijuana, deputies say
News Channel 8

Crossing guard charged with supplying middle school students with narcotics
FOX 29

Mother of three arrested after 16-month-old reportedly vomits marijuana at daycare

8 teens taken to hospital after ingesting marijuana edibles while on school field trip

Four kids accidentally eat laced candy at YMCA, poison control says this is happening a lot
Local 12



Crime & Black Market Activity

Baltimore police probe string of cannabis store burglaries in Federal Hill
FOX 45 News

Yuba County drug bust yields massive amount of illegal marijuana plants, mushrooms, guns, and cash

Cops: Employee Busted for Selling Cannabis and THC-Infused Gummies from Valley Stream Smoke Shop

5 firefighters injured in fire at illegal cannabis operation in downtown LA

Mother of 6-year-old boy who shot teacher in Virginia gets 21 months for marijuana use while owning a gun
CBS News


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