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We are a MATFORCE Project

Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! is a project of MATFORCE.

MATFORCE is a community organization that educates and raises awareness about substance abuse issues, and advocates for policy change.

With over 300 active volunteers, MATFORCE encompasses the belief that stopping drug use before it starts through primary prevention strategies is an essential part of building healthier communities. Programs of MATFORCE include drug prevention education in the schools, the Yavapai Reentry Project, Trauma Lens Care, public awareness and education campaigns, and advocating for policy change at the state and local level.

For more information about MATFORCE visit matforce.org or our family of websites:
OpioidOD.com  |  YavapaiReentryProject.org  |  TraumaLensCare.org  |  SACLAz.org  |  TalkNowAZ.com  |  NaloxoneAZ.com  |  TheNewMeth.com  |  LearnMoreAZ.org  |  CommunityReentryProjectsAZ.org  |  AZDrugSummit.org  |  CommunityCountsAZ.com

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