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Educate Your Family on Dangers of Marijuana Use

Marijuana use comes with real risks that can impact a person’s health and life.

Whether marijuana is smoked, vaped, or eaten, there are adverse effects associated with use in any form.

Studies have found marijuana is an addictive, harmful, and mind altering drug. It over-activates parts of the brain and negatively affects brain development. Marijuana leads to physical health problems, mental health problems, and risk of addiction.

With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana throughout the United States, marijuana potency has increased exponentially. Concentrates are not the traditional joint of the past. Concentrates are highly potent, THC-rich forms of marijuana that can be vaped, dabbed, and used in edibles.

Exposure to high levels of THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes impairment, increases the risks of physical dependence and addiction. Higher doses of THC are more likely to produce anxiety, agitation, paranoia, and psychosis.

Arizona Parents: Do you need tips on how to talk to your child about the new recreational marijuana laws? Download these talking tips today.

Surgeon General Advisory

“This ain’t your mother’s marijuana… the marijuana of today is significantly more potent.”

– VADM Jerome Adams, the first Surgeon General Advisory on marijuana since 1982


Almost 30% of teens have used marijuana - this is TOO many!

Latest Studies

Maternal cannabis use is associated with suppression of immune gene networks in placenta and increased anxiety phenotypes in offspring | PNAS | 11/23/2021

Cannabis use is becoming more prevalent, including during developmentally sensitive periods such as pregnancy. Here we find that maternal cannabis use is associated with increased cortisol, anxiety, aggression, and hyperactivity in young children. This corresponded with widespread reductions in immune-related gene expression in the placenta which correlated with anxiety and hyperactivity. Future studies are needed to examine the effects of cannabis on immune function during pregnancy as a potential regulatory mechanism shaping neurobehavioral development.

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Cigarette dependence is more prevalent and increasing among US adolescents and adults who use cannabis, 2002-2019 | PubMed | 11/23/2021

Significance: Cannabis use is increasing among cigarette smokers. If cannabis use is associated with cigarette dependence, a barrier to smoking cessation, this could have public health implications for tobacco control. The current study estimated the prevalence of cigarette dependence among US individuals who smoke cigarettes by cannabis use status, and investigated trends in cigarette dependence from 2002 to 2019 among cigarette smokers by cannabis use status and cigarette consumption (ie, cigarettes per day, CPD).

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Trends in Cannabis Involvement and Risk of Alcohol Involvement in Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities in the United States, 2000‒2018 | AJPH | 11/17/2021

Objectives. To assess cannabis and alcohol involvement among motor vehicle crash (MVC) fatalities in the United States.

Methods. In this repeated cross-sectional analysis, we used data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System from 2000 to 2018. Fatalities were cannabis-involved if an involved driver tested positive for a cannabinoid and alcohol-involved based on the highest blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of an involved driver. Multinomial mixed-effects logistic regression models assessed cannabis as a risk factor for alcohol by BAC level.

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Michigan EDs See Jump in Cannabis-Related Neuropsychiatric Toxicity | MEDPAGETODAY | 10/30/2021

Neuropsychiatric toxicity (NPS) was common among patients presenting with cannabis toxicity to Michigan emergency departments (EDs), and they were more likely to also have used other substances, a researcher reported.

In the community-based analysis, among more than 1,000 patients presenting with cannabis toxicity over 2 years, 39.8% also were diagnosed with NPS, most often severe anxiety (36.1%) and altered mental status (22.3%), according to Erin Leach, a fourth-year medical student at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in Grand Rapids.

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Prevalence of Adolescent Cannabis Vaping – A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of US and Canadian Studies | JAMA | 10/25/2021

Question: What is the prevalence of adolescent cannabis vaping in the US and Canada?

Findings: This systematic review and meta-analysis reviewed 17 unique studies from the US and Canada, with a total of 198 845 adolescents, and found that the lifetime prevalence of cannabis vaping doubled from 2013 to 2020 (6.1% to 13.6%), past 12-month use doubled from 2017 to 2020 (7.2% to 13.2%), and the 30-day prevalence of cannabis vaping increased 7-fold from 2013 to 2020 (1.6% to 8.4%). Preference for cannabis products may be shifting from dried herb to cannabis oil.

Meaning: The findings of this study suggest that more effective prevention and response measures are required to mitigate the increasing prevalence of cannabis vaping among adolescents.

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Latest NEWS Commentary

‘We’re one cigarette away’: Illegal marijuana farms pose wildfire risk in California’s parched national forests | NBC News | 12/1/2021

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. — After a 2½-mile trek through thick brush, Mourad Gabriel stepped into a small clearing. A month earlier, this half-acre swath of the Cleveland National Forest, nearly invisible from the air, had been an illegal marijuana grow estimated to be worth more than $1.2 million. The U.S. Forest Service’s law enforcement officers had hacked down the plants, but Gabriel and his team were there to cart out nearly 3,000 pounds of trash and to clean up something else the drug traffickers left behind: poison.

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America’s pot labs have a THC problem | ABC News | 6/30/2021

A new investigative report from FiveThirtyEight about the booming legal marijuana business details claims of corruption in some testing labs.

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You Know Nothing About Weed  |  JohnnysAmbassadors.org  |  11/23/2020

How do you convince someone that they really don’t know anything about something that they believe they know a great deal about? Seriously, if you wanted to explain to a bunch of strangers who don’t know you from the next guy that something they have held onto as fact just isn’t, how would you start? I’d start with a catchy and maybe somewhat inflammatory statement at the beginning of a long-form article with an eye-grabbing title, that’s how. After that, I would try to come up with a clever analogy paralleling this subject with something we all understand and know well, maybe even something as simple as liquid.
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DEA: Teen depression and suicide linked to marijuana use |  FOX 29  |  11/17/2020

More and more research suggests the high potency of THC or marijuana is having dangerous impacts on the developing brains of teenagers. Teens who use cannabis could be at a higher risk of experiencing depression and attempting suicide.

“In 2019, there were nearly 700,000 youths, ages 12 to 17, that was addicted to marijuana, which shows an increase of nearly 187,000 new youth in 2019 alone with cannabis use disorder,” said Dr. Kenneth Finn, Pain Medicine Physician in Colorado.

Finn has seen the negative effects it’s having on teens who live in a state where marijuana is legalized.

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Prop. 207: Will legal marijuana be a smelly problem in the Valley? |  ABC 15  |  10/14/2020

A Valley woman is raising concerns about marijuana odors that could fill the air if Proposition 207 passes, a voter-led initiative to legalize the use of cannabis for responsible adult use. Renee Moore said she is already experiencing the problems caused by the smell of medical marijuana coming from her neighbor’s apartment. Because her neighbors are medical marijuana cardholders, Moore said her property management company and city code enforcement staff have told her there is nothing they can do, as long as the residents are using the cannabis inside their homes.

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