Letters to the editor

  • Dr. Ed Gogek commentary:
    Voters becoming wise to medical-marijuana ruse >>
  • Dr. Leon Cattolico commentary:
    Marijuana Harmless?  THINK AGAIN >>
  • Sheila Polk letter to the editor:
    Marijuana Harmless? THINK AGAIN >>
  • Merilee Fowler letter to the editor:
    Effort against weed is truly ‘grassroots’ >>
  • Christopher Beach and William Bennet commentary:
    The Legalization Juggernaut: Why won’t more political leaders speak out on marijuana? >>
  • Dr. Paul Tighe, Superintendent letter to the editor:
    Does marijuana impact education? >>
  • Sally Schindel letter to the editor:
    Who said no one ever died from Marijuana? >>
  • Dr. Dale Guthrie letter to the editor:
    Marijuana Legalization Talk – Hazardous to our Children’s Health >>

Press releases

  • Top Prosecutors Call on Arizona Leaders to Oppose Legal Marijuana >>
  • Conference – Marijuana: The Science and the Experiment on Nov 18 >>
  • Legal Marijuana Would Harm Arizona’s Children >>
  • Arizona Group Says Big Marijuana in Arizona is a Big Mistake >>
  • Legalizing Drug Leads to Increase Youth Use >>
  • Marijuana Most Common Drug in Male Arrestees >>
  • Marijuana Use Increases in High School Seniors >>
  • First Drug Used is Marijuana >>
  • 10% of Students Report Heavy Marijuana Use >>
  • 20% of Drinkers Combine Marijuana >>
  • Marijuana – A Threat to our Kids’ Futures >>
  • Support for Senate Bill 1389 is Support for Youth Drug Abuse Education >>
  • Pediatric Exposure to Marijuana in Decriminalized States  >>

Video Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! commercial

Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! commercial – Loss of Intelligence


Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! commercial – Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! commercial – Would your child know if this cookie had pot in it?


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