Studies Point to Marijuana Addiction

Much controversy surrounds marijuana use.  Some argue that marijuana is not addictive.   However, current facts speak otherwise. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) tracks national treatment data.  The results

Marijuana Use Lowers IQ

Amidst the nationwide marijuana myth vs. fact controversy, a recent scientific study provides evidence about the long-term effects of marijuana use. The Research Report on Marijuana Use published by the National Institute

Marijuana Impairment

Marijuana is the most common illegal drug found in drivers who die in accidents (around 14 percent of drivers), often in combination with alcohol or other drugs. Marijuana affects a number of

Let’s Stop the Push for Legalization

In 2010, the medical marijuana initiative passed in Arizona by a narrow margin of approximately 4,000 voters.   It was a ballot initiative led by the Marijuana Policy Project whose stated goal is